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For a while I have wanted to visit Farmacy Kitchen, it looks splendid from the outside, you must by now know that I am an avid admirer of storefronts. But more than anything I wanted to experience the food that they offer.

'Offering an array of delicious plant-based dishes inspired from around the globe, Farmacy supports both vegan and vegetarian diet, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives, and chemicals.'

Now if that isn't a reason to try their food I don't know what is. I find plant-based foods appetizing, so it is more than natural for me to feel excited to try creative plant-based foods. I always keep a keen eye out for the interior of cafes and restaurants. In my view, the interior is just as important as the food and service. I Like to feel the surrounding and the atmosphere to reflect the food of the place, example, if the food is a fresh and vegan, it is wonderful if the surrounding has a green organic look. The interior was simple bold lines, with lots of brass features, especially around the bar which was the center attention when you walk in. They had various potted plants real and artificial throughout the dining area, and above the windows.

Are you ready for my thoughts on Farmacy?

I visited with 3 friends so there was a group of 4 of us. We prebooked our table, and arrived around 25 minutes earlier than our time, but were easily seated when we arrived.
The service I found was excellent, we were given enough time to pick our order without being rushed (which I personally don't like). And it wasn't easy to find a waiter to serve us, however, what I did like was that 1 waiter served us throughout most of our stay. He finished work before we left, but let us know that someone else will serve us. I have been to quite a few cafes/restaurants were the waiter changes everytime we ordered something new and it was hard to even catch a waiters eye to serve you. So it was a nice change to get to know the waiter that served us and for him to help with our order and make our stay comfortable.

The most important part what did we order?

Let's start with the drinks, as they arrived first. I ordered a matcha tonic, I personally love matcha so if I find it in any drink, believe that I am inclined to order it. My matcha tonic was an antioxidant blend of matcha, lemon, ginger, raw coconut water & fresh mint.
Refreshing is the best way to explain it. It did not disappoint and is definitely something I would order again. My friends all ordered a sweet iced tea, caffeine-free green tea with lemon juice, orange juice & berries strawberry drink which tasted a bit too sweet for me but just as good as the matcha tonic.

For our main, we all ordered seasonal mezze for two to shareOur mezze was fried cauliflower, which was just delicious. Mashed beans on a bed of what looked like green watercress and lettuce garnish.  Warm pitta bread and carrot hummus. Zatar crackers, which fast become my favorite, and beetroot and carrots. We also ordered a side of sweet potatoes fries.
The main was extremely filling, we actually found it hard to finish it. It was a perfectly delicious vegan meal.

For our dessert, some of my friends ordered dairy-free ice cream. The flavors they ordered were vanilla and cashew ice cream and peanut flavored ice cream with peanut bits.
I went for the heart chakra tea, an awakening mix of fresh rosebuds. The tea came with mini rosebuds and tasted like a rose, while my friends ordered a green tea and honey orchard tea.

I found the experience to Farmacy kitchen lovely and can't wait for the next time I go there.

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