Mayfield lavender farm

Lavender- the colour and scent of Provence

A break away from the busy city is just what I needed and I had the perfect opportunity to do that when I was invited to visit a Lavender farm with the team of Karimahs Cuisina, a healthy holistic well-being organization that aims to bring mindfulness in our food. As well as helping feed the homeless in central London with healthy halal and vegan food to the poor and needy.

How could I say no? I have never been to a lavender farm and wanted out from the city even if it was just for a day, experience what it could be like in a dreamy lavender field in the Provence, even if we are still in England.

The aim of the day was to relax and enjoy the view, more than anything else inhale the fresh scent of lavender. As lavender only blooms mid-late summer in the year, if you are planning to go to a lavender farm it is ideal to go now.
The Lavender farm we went to was Mayfield lavender farm just outside London in Surrey.
There is an entrance fee £2 per adult and it is free for 16 years and under.

Our plan was to get there early in the morning before midday so that we could enjoy the fields without the midday heat of the sun, London has been hot these past few weeks. We also wanted to avoid the harsh rays of the sun for our photos. Evading the crowds of people was also important.
The farm is a big tourist attraction so believe me when I say that it does get packed with people. Unless you want random people in your photos its best to go there early.

We drove to the farm, conveniently there is parking space inside the farm, which is opposite the lavender fields. The farm also has a cafe and a shop to buy everything from chocolate flavored lavender to lavender essential oils and small bags of lavender filled with dry lavender. I picked up a lavender bunch for my photos from their shop.

This was my first time going to a lavender field,  I instantly fell in love with the abundant vibrant colour of the lavenders, rows upon rows of the lush lilac shade. It was such a serene scene, with a beautiful fragrance for calming and relaxing, we literally went straight into the lavender, as you can see in the photos.

What I found pleasantly surprising was the numerous bees buzzing around the lavender, which when I think about now seems natural to have bees around. I am not one to shy away from bees however my calm demeanor to lay between them whilst taking a photo with lavender was not something you will find me doing every day. I believe it was the calming effects of so much lavender that relaxed both the bees and me.

As it was a day trip we made sure to pack a healthy picnic, Karimahs Cuisina is all about healthy eating. I will share delicious food we made and the recipes for the healthy picnic, in another post.
We found the perfect picnic spot in The Oaks Park which is opposite the lavender fields. The park made the perfect backdrop for a summer picnic.

If you do plan to travel to Mayfield lavender farm my tips will be

  • Go early to avoid the crowds and get excellent photos without the harsh midday sun.
  • Enjoy spending time in nature and marvel at the bees.
  • Pack a picnic and take a stroll in the park opposite the lavender field.
You can find more about Karimahs Cuisina here 

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