Selfridges Oxford street

Aubaine- A piece of France in London

What would you do if I told you? Inside one of the most gorgeous department stores in London, Selfridges, on the second floor conveniently near the shoe department which is every girl's best friend. There is a cute little restaurant tucked in the corner which will transport you straight to France? Hard to believe right? But I kid you not. Aubaine restaurant is all kinds of pretty.

Sugar cookie recipe-eid party

Homemade cookies always bring the comfort to any party. Sugar cookies take it to the next level. I don't know if you can even have a party without a batch of fresh sugar cookies on the table. They brighten the room and taste so good! Your guests will be begging for the recipe before they leave.

Tea party decorations- Eid party

You can never go wrong with a tea party, now imagine an Eid tea party, dream come true, right?
My sister and I at Step inside my handbag collaborated again to bring you our perfect Eid decorations inspiration post. I am sure I say this everytime but this time this one is actually my favourite, it includes everything I love, tea, cake, biscuits, and EID!
Farm girl Cafe

That Farm Girl Experience

Farm Girl cafe is the Instagram cafe for brunch. It has everything you will need for the perfect Instagram brunch shot. From the whitewashed walls when you enter to the outside seating perfect during the summer weather. To that avocado toast! hey is it an Instagram brunch without avocado? It's a cute cafe in Notting Hill, close to Portobello Road, ideal for a spot shopping and sightseeing. And if you go during Friday or the weekend you catch the Portobello market and find some cool quirky items.

Happy Healthy Picnic & Recipe

It doesn't quite feel like summer without a mandatory picnic. Eating out in the fresh air whilst sitting on crisp grass is a feeling like no other. I for one sure do enjoy it just as much as eating in a fancy cafe. Nothing can replace nature, and eating under the shade of trees does give a sense of a feeling alive that can't be experienced in an enclosed space.

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