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Lush Spa Tailor made review

A Spa day is always needed. Who can decline an opportunity to have someone pamper you and let go of all the tensions in your body? That is exactly what I needed! After constantly being hunched over a sewing machine, overworking and sleepless nights sewing has taken a toll over my body. Thus making me a walking complaining human that is repeatedly suffering from neck and back pains.

A friend of mine thought I much deserved a day off and relax in a spa and got me a lush voucher. Now I would be crazy to say no to that. I booked myself a tailor-made lush spa treatment at the Lush branch in Oxford-street.

The tailor-made treatment is inspired by a nautical daydream, with the intention to feel free in body and mind.

"Set out to sea to dispel any quells or storms brewing deep under the skin. Firm pressure untangles aches and pains like knots in a rope, reeling in a symphony of soaring crescendos and satisfying massage."

I arrived at the lush store in Oxford Street, situated at the basement is the Lush Spa. At the Spa I was treated to some detox water in the Lush Kitchen whilst filling out a health form. The Kitchen has all the elements of what you would expect a Nans 1960s kitchen will look like. With wood panels on the walls, and pastel porcelain tea sets. And a vintage living room opposite the kitchen, the Lush Spa waiting room has the perfect homely feel.

Once I filled out my health form, my lovely therapist went through the consultation with me, identifying points of my body that needed the release from tension. Presented on a slate tray, were 4 massage bars. I had the choice of picking my massage bar, which I later got to take home. The massage bar I chose had a wonderful relaxing lavender scent. I also observed the jelly disc that will be used on the knots on my body. And then I got to place the bath bomb we were using for the session in a large jug, this bath bomb was later poured under the massage table and created the most exciting introduction to my treatment which was a room filled with mist. Which suited perfectly with the sea themed experience.

Once the consultation was over, I went to the restroom and had a quick peek at both the restrooms they offered, which were both Pinterest worthy and filled with Lush products. I didn't expect anything less from Lush.

My treatment itself was relaxing and very nearly put me to sleep. The level of undress really does depend on which part of your body you want your treatment. The balm bomb was used under my massage table creating the most gorgeous mist to start off the nautical experience. The beginning sound effects of the waves and seagulls were the perfect soundtrack to my ears, setting the theme of the experience. The only thing I didn't like was the actual soundtrack for the massage. With a fusion of folk with heave-ho sea shanties, the music is a collection of seamen’s songs recorded in the 50s and 60s. Which is not my cup of tea. But apart from that everything else was perfect!

My therapist was amazing and seemed to get all of the tension points, she would then use cool jelly discs on those areas to cool it down as most parts received alot of firm pressure to untangle the tension. After 30mins the treatment had ended and I had to wake myself from my dreamlike state, I was treated to tea and shortbreads which were probably the icing on the cake of the whole treatment. I do love tea! I also had the pleasure to sign the guestbook and read through others experience whilst I sipped my tea and took some time to reflect.

All in all the Lush Tailor made treatment was wonderful, I felt rejuvenated. The atmosphere was marvelous I could feel that customer care and attention is important to Lush. Would I return? Most Definitely yes!

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