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I was invited to a very special brunch by ladies club,  with guest speaker Nutritionist Karimah Bint Dawoud.
The concept of this brunch was to raise nutritional awareness focusing on fad healthy foods that are currently trending, as well as understanding what we actually should be consuming. 
We had a look at Karimah Bint Dawoud's current book, Scared Super Sunnah Foods. Karimah is an award-winning cookbook writer and a nutritionist. She introduced us to some of the Sacred Sunnah Supper Foods that are mentioned in the Quran, and the benefits of these foods. The brunch was fittingly held in the uber cool Planet Organic canteen.

The last time I visited the canteen I tried the delicious vegetarian Lasagna with salad and potatoes, and a very soul-soothing Charcoal latte. It was a lovely change to visit for brunch.
The brunch was held by Ladies Club, who are an Instagram based ladies club, that promotes self-awareness for ladies by getting together fortnightly for brunch at different cafes or restaurants. Each brunch usually has a guest speaker that teaches the ladies that attend life skills. It varies from skincare to health to running a business. The subjects are unlimited and the ladies leave with a sense of fulfillment as well as good time meeting new people and trying new foods.

This is my second ladies club meeting, the first one I attended was in Farm Girl earlier on in the year, the subject of the day was self-love. How to avoid narcissistic behavior, the correct way to love your self. This time the meeting was about nutrition and looking after your health.

The guest speaker Karimah is also known as The Islamic nutritionist on Instagram, she has studied Islamic nutrition as well extensive research in compiling foods mentioned in the Quran with nutritional benefits and hadiths in which these foods are mentioned. These foods are superfoods and have lasted the test of time.

Her book Sacred Sunnah Super Foods is an illustrated guide to Quranic foods. The pages are filled with beautiful botanically and biologically correct illustrations, all of the illustrations are drawn by Karimah. The Illustrations are designed so that you can colour them in. The book is filled with pages of Quranic reference, as well as Islamic medicine and nutritional value.

At the brunch, Karimah touched upon some of the diets that have been in trend over the last 20 years. Why most of these diets don't work and how they are lacking in the nutritional benefits for your body.

She then took us through her book and selected a few super sunnah foods that compared them to the foods that are currently trending. I am only going to choose two of the foods that she taught us about. One of those foods is agave nectar which is a very popular sweetener in the natural health community. However, the process of the which the agave nectar is refined to produce the syrup known as a healthy sweetener takes away the health benefits, making the agave nectar not as natural or healthy as people assume. Instead, a beneficial natural sweetener mentioned in the Quran is honey. However, the benefits are specific to unpasteurized honey. Consuming raw honey has so many benefits, including healing the gut, soothing sore throat, and healing wounds.

The second food is cattle, which is mentioned in the Quran. Nutritionally cattle can be used for milk and meat. Despite it being mentioned in the Quran these are the two commodities mentioned that are causing health problems. The meat and dairy produced now are unfortunately not as pure as those in the time of the  Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him). Because of the demand for meat and milk, and the horrible conditions the animals are kept and treated affects the meat and milk produced. Meat is high in vitamin B12 which is deficient in vegan diets as well as other minerals and vitamins. Karimah's advice is to adopt a flexitarian diet, eating mostly plant-based with the occasional animal products. Be mindful of the animal products you consume, aim for an Organic and free range. 

If you are interested to find out more about the Super Sunnah Foods or ways to incorporate healthy mindful eating habits contact Karimah through her blog or Instagram.
And if you want to attend any of the ladies club meetings you can find them here

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  1. MaShaaAllah the club sounds like such a good concept & Alhamdulilah you picked up so many good tips, JazakAllah Khayra for sharing a few. Totally agree with her regarding how meat has become we noticed such a huge difference once we started trying to have organic Halal meat & chicken.


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