3 Simple Steps to Create a DIY Peony Flower Wreath

Is there a better way of kick-starting 2019 than with a guest blog post? I think not. This year I want to take my blog in places I have never been and experiment more and try some awesome experiences. And a great way to do it is start off the year with a guest post, which by the way this blog has never had. 

My guest blogger is the lovely Dina Creations  whom I have previously written a guest post for on her blog, which was a super sweet pink ombre cake recipe, which you can read here. 

Dina Creations website is the place to find the best bridal and party inspirations. With all the best tips and tricks from  'Questions to prepare when meeting your potential wedding photographer' to 'Can the five love languages save your marriage.'  You will find some amazing gems to read. You can read her posts here.

She has shared a simple and easy but insanely beautiful flower wreath DIY, that you can use as a home decoration or for an upcoming party.

Whenever I'm wondering around in the home section of my favourite department stores I can never help but gravitate towards the flower decor. Without fail my eyes catch aesthetically pleasing flower wreaths. I always admire their beauty and when I look at the price tag. Well, I quickly remind myself to keep walking. Then one day I thought, why don't I try and make one myselfWith Pinterest and Youtube at my convenient disposal, I quickly began doing my research. Well, here we are now. My very own affordable DIY Flower wreath is done, and guess what? I've even written up a quick and easy step by step guide so you can try it for yourself too. Trust me, if I can do it anyone can.

Step 1
Use a foam flower ring. You can buy one online or find it at your local craft store. If you're based in the UK. I would recommend Hobby Craft.

Step 2
Get your flowers and separate them into individual pieces. Use a wire cutter to cut the stems off your flowers leaving a few centimeters. You need just enough to pierce the cut flower stems into the foam ring.

Step 3
Just simple press each flower into the foam ring and assemble them to achieve your desired look. Yes, you read it right, you just simply push each flower in and you're nearly done. The only thing left now is to hide some of the empty parts by gluing the leaves to the foam ring. I've used a hot glue gun for this process. But you can also just use a simple super glue. This also helps keep the flowers and leaves secured onto your foam ring.

Viola! You're done. You've created your own peony flower wreath on a budget. You can do this with any type of flower or foliage and these also make stunning wedding centerpieces.


Let me know what you think xo

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