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The phone case is a beautiful accessory and great indicator of your style without making too much of an effort. And I for one always change my covers to suit my mood. However, I do find that the styles are very limited.

I was lucky enough to collaborate with case app and chic Swedish phone case company that make cool phone cases and skins as well as laptop skins, the best part is that they also allow you to personalize your case to your liking so you can get as creative as you like. Now, this is my kind of challenge.

Case app gave me the opportunity to design and personalize cases, I designed two, one for myself and the other for my sister. I am sure that it is no surprise that I love taking photos. It was a no brainer that I would choose my own personal images to use as phone cases. Caseapp does have a wonderful selection of pre-designed cases, but the opportunity to have a bespoke case that belongs only to me was too tempting.

The cases are designed were a beautiful flower case with a photo of a flower shop that I had visited. This case I designed for my sister who has a special fondness for flowers and plants, she also used the same picture as her screen saver so that both her case and phone match perfectly. The picture has a very organic but chic look to it, with the lush green from the stems and leaves of the flowers as well as the bright whites and cream from the flowers. This picture is heavily edited and I was surprised to see that the vibrancy of the photo was not lost in the printing of the design. I ordered this case in matte style, as found that it looked and felt luxurious. Both my sister and I were very pleased with the outcome of this case.

My case is of the labels of my brand Barakah London. I took a picture of scattered labels of my brand and like my sister phone, my phone case is the same as my screen saver on my phone. I did have slight doubts on the outcome of this picture. The first being that it is a picture of fabric and I was not sure if that would translate in the printing. Also, the original picture was slightly dark and I didn't over edit this picture as I didn't want to lose the clarity. I was extremely impressed with the quality of this case once I received it. It resembles fabric, everyone that has seen it do a double take because they actually believe it is fabric. This case is also in a gorgeous matte finish.

Case app cases would make beautiful personalized gifts for loved ones. I was so impressed with their service and how easy it is to design your own case on their website.

I would love to see which cases you like from their website or any you have personalized.

You can find caseapp here

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